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About Us

‚ÄčAt "JFP Guitars" we design and handcraft one-of-a-kind "Sonoran" electric guitars in solid body (SB) and semi-hollow body (SHB) format, and "Sonoran" archtop guitars.

Although the "Sonoran" instruments we build are generally modeled on the classic guitars from Gibson Les Paul (LP), Leo Fender Telecaster (LFT), Leo Fender Stratocaster (LFS), Gibson Electric Spanish (ES), and Robert Benedetto, or only borrow various details from these classics to produce a hybrid design, each instrument is in the end a unique design in its own right.

John Purchase, the luthier at "JFP Guitars," is retired after a long career in aerospace engineering, home inspection, handyman services, and STEM teaching to Middle School students.

He has been an avid and active woodworker and project builder all his life since childhood in England.
Each guitar is a labor of love, crafted for the sheer pleasure of it.

Since designing and building guitars is a retirement hobby rather than a business, and linked to his love of playing the guitar, we basically charge for the materials and parts we use, and with only a minimal charge for our labor, making our prices very economical.
This allows us to offer unique, one-of-a-kind instruments with wonderful grain patterns, high quality finishes and top-of-the line hardware for a fraction of their market cost.

We deliberately emphasize the use of exotic woods with wonderful grain patterns to produce unique, handsome instruments with wonderful musical tone; so the name of each "Sonoran" guitar normally includes the principal woods used for the faceplate plus body, or the body.

As you peruse
our current offerings on the pages linked to the "Our Currently Available Archtop Guitars," "Our Currently Available Electric Guitars" and "Our Special Order Products" pages, you will be looking at very particular guitar designs that will be uniquely different from each other and from other designs on the market, but offered at a very economical price that reflects the high quality materials and hardware that have gone into its construction.

Please use our Contact Us page for any questions or purchase requests.

John F. Purchase, Owner and Luthier