JFP Guitars

Modeled on a Robert Benedetto archtop-type guitar, this is the second prototype of a new product line from JFP Guitars that we have produced. It is a handsome looking instrument with a strong and rich tone, both when played as an acoustic instrument and as an electric guitar

As is shown in the two detail photos, above, of the tailpiece fixation, the neck alignment is slightly off the body center line axis: the plugging of the original jack socket hole and two screw holes, and the body center line joint in the bent sides are clearly visible slightly to the right of the revised tailpiece fixation. But this accidental misalignment does not detract from the appearance, tone, acoustic volume or overall performance of this guitar. However, the price has been reduced to compensate.

The specifications are:

  • 7 lb 4 oz
  • Hollow Cherry Wood and Beech Wood body
    • 3/16-inch thick carved solid cherry wood archtop back and face
    • 3/32-inch thick steam bent solid beech wood sides
    • 17 1/2 inches at lower bout, 3 inches deep
  • Set-in Hard Maple neck and head stock
  • Rosewood fingerboard, 25-inch scale length, contoured 12-inch
  • Rosewood peg head laminate
  • Water-based lacquered body, neck and headstock, tinted Vintage Amber; clear lacquered peghead faceplate; oiled fingerboard
  • Robert Benedetto Ebony FINGERREST board
  • Robert Benedetto S-6 Suspended Jazz Pickup
    • The Signature Jazz Guitar Pickup!
    • Suspended from underside of FINGERREST at end of fingerboard
    • "S" series pickups are voiced to mirror the balance, warmth and richness of a fine acoustic archtop guitar
    • Each pickup is a sealed humbucker with an Alnico 5 bar magnet
    • Handmade by Seymour Duncan, these are among the pickups installed in the highly regarded archtop guitars of renowned luthier Robert Benedetto
  • Schatten Thumbwheel volume and tone controls mounted on edge of FINGERREST
  • Rall Guitars & Tools (Germany) Hoefner style bridge for jazz guitar
    • Rosewood, chrome-plated height adjustment screws
    • Split base, upper part with adjustable saddles and compensated for wound G string
  • Nickel Kluson Archtop Guitar Tailpiece
  • Chrome Gotoh Magnum Lock-Trad 3+3 Tuners with Keystone Knobs
  • “ZeroGLIDE” nut
    • Borrows the "zero fret" concept to reduce string contact in the nut by up to 93%
    • Increases tuning stability, playability, and open string tone Dual action truss rod
  • Dual action truss rod
  • D’Addario EXL115W nickel wound 11 / 49 strings with wound third
  • Includes:
    • Ernie Ball woven black Strap
    • Guardian gig bag

Sale price: $600

Sonoran Archtop: "Cherry Wood"